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The Socio Economic Profiling System (SEPS) Online serves as the consolidation of all data of the eight (8) municipalities and three (3) cities of the Province of Davao del Norte.

Since it was established in 2014, it has been regulary updated through the active participation of Local Government Units (LGUs), who continually assign SEPS encoders to gather data and encode important and current socio-economic data. Hence, SEPS Online is a rich source of information about the province of Davao del Norte. By this, we encourage you and the team of researchers be it from the academe, the business sector and other fields of interest to make full use of our data trove. And in return, we look forward to the day that you develop, create and introduce development in various forms and avenues that could be beneficial to all the people of Davao del Norte.

Kudos to the staff of Provincial Planning and Development Office (PPDO) for spearheading and establishing this online portal.




Provincial Governor




The Socio-Economic Profile is a document that is prepared and periodically updated for the primary purpose of providing basic socio-economic information about the Province of Davao del Norte to those who endeavor the advancement of knowledge, to sponsor development efforts and to uplift the quality of life of the people in the province.


It is inspiring to note that time and again this document has become an easy reference used by our clientele coming from both the government and private sectors.  Moreover, students and researchers are provided the facility to gain knowledge of Davao del Norte at one setting.

To the users of the SEPS Online, I hope that this document has enriched your storehouse of knowledge on information about Davao del Norte.  May the data and information you derived from the document be used in promoting the best interest of this province.

To the agencies and individuals that provided the needed data in the document, I gratefully acknowledge your unstinted support and cooperation.

Finally, my compliments to the concerned staff of the Provincial Planning and Development Office for the job well done in preparing the SEPS Online.  May you continue your efforts to update and enhance further the future editions of this document as an effective tool for local development planning.



Provincial Governor


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