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elective officials 2019 2022


Board Member, 2nd District
Legislative Bldg., Mankilam, Tagum City

Miscellaneous Information



Chairperson - Committee on Cooperatives and Livelihood

Chairperson - Committee on Laws, Resolutions, Ordinances and Justice

Vice Chairperson - Committee on Human Rights

Vice Chairperson - Committee on Peace and Order/Public Safety

Vice Chairperson - Committee on Good Government, Public Ethics and Accountabilities

Member - Committee on Finance, Budget and Appropriations

Member - Committee on Public Works and Infrastructures and Public Utilities

Member - Committee on Agrarian Reform, Agriculture and Food

Member - Committee on Human Settlements, Planning and Development

Member - Committee on Ways and Means/Games and Amusement

Member - Committee on Tourism

Member - Committee on Sisterhood and International Relations

Member - Committee of the Whole

Elective Officials