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Davao del Norte Provincial Governor Edwin “Kuya Gob” Jubahib proudly shares about one of his administration’s landmark project, DavNor KAAGAPAY, during an interview with GAHI NI BAI at the Davao del Norte Investment and Promotion Center (DNIPC) just recently.

GAHI NI BAI is a popular block timer program in a local station in Cagayan de Oro City. It is hosted by former ABS-CBN talents, award-winner broadcast journalist Art Bonjoc Jr and the number 1 multimedia talent in Northern Mindanao, Bernie Bitokbitok. The show was launched in October 12, 2020.

DavNor’s Project Kaagapay (Kawsa sa Agrikultura ug Panginabuhian sa Barangay) has caught the attention of GAHI NI BAI because of its noble objective of empowering the people through backyard farming to help them cope up with hunger and crisis amidst the pandemic brought by Covid19.

The Governor enthusiastically expounded on the subject saying that the Provincial Government has initiated to take steps in order to cushion the impact of the Covid19 crisis to the economy and to the lives of his constituents in general. As a food security and sufficiency program, the provincial government has distributed high-value crops and vegetable seedlings, as well as free-range chickens, to the partner-beneficiaries of the project. The provincial government will, in turn, buy the produce from the farmers through the Davao del Norte Investment and Promotion Center (DNIPC).

The zestful Governor was assisted by Ms. Joevynar M. Miedes, DNIPC Head, during the brief interview.


In furtherance of a stronger, vibrant, and more resilient business environment in Davao del Norte, officers and representatives of the different chambers of commerce and industry in the province gathered together last April 30, 2021 at the PDRRMC Operations Center to elect the first ever set of officers of the Davao del Norte Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc.

Since its creation as a province, Davao del Norte has yet to constitute its own Chamber of Commerce separate from the chamber of commerce being organized in the cities and municipalities comprising it. Although several efforts have been made in the past, it is only during the administration of Governor Edwin I. Jubahib that the province has strived to realize its objective of bolstering business activity through the creation of a provincial chamber of commerce and industry.

Mr. Arturo Milan, Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) Regional Governor for Southeastern Mindanao, who graced the occasion, conducted a brief but comprehensive orientation as regards the rationale why it is highly advantageous to businesses to come up with a board of trade or chamber of commerce in the provincial level, especially in an ever changing political and economic climate. According to Milan, chambers of commerce play an important role in local municipalities in promoting business activity in the local level. When elevated to the provincial level, these chambers of commerce meet to discuss and attempt to shape policy that relates to the business and overall economic environment. It will bring the business community together and will develop a stronger local networks, which can result in a business-to-business exchange. Mr. Milan added that it would be more feasible to act as one big chamber comprised of several other smaller chambers from its cities and municipalities, especially in promoting public policy that are in the best interest of business. It is an effective way to influence or lobby their advocacy to community leaders for pro-business initiatives, he added.

Mr. Milan also emphasized on the importance of a stronger partnership between the public and private sector. Chambers should work with their local government and vice-versa to develop pro-business stances. Both can work together in crafting important business legislation that impact the business community, according to Milan.

Immediately following the orientation is the election of officers wherein Mr. Rene Bongabong of the Municipality of Santo Tomas was chosen as the President, and Mr. Ken Lim of the Municipality of Braulio Dujali was selected as the Vice-President. Ms. Rebecca Mercado and Mr. Elmer Zolina, were picked out as Treasurer and Auditor, respectively.

The newly-elected sets of officers are hopeful that their organization will fortify their shared objectives, and will fully represent the voice of the businesses in the province, regardless of size.

The gathering was also attended by Engr. Maria Hazel C. Zafra, who represented on behalf of Davao del Norte Governor Edwin I. Jubahib and Provincial Administrator Engr. Josie Jean Rabanoz. The activity is spearheaded by the PADO-Davao del Norte Investment and Promotion Center (PADO-DNIPC), headed by Ms. Joevynar M. Miedes.

Produkto DavNor Officers Formally Sworn In

With much fervor and enthusiasm, the men and women officers of Produkto DavNor, raised their hands in unison as they all took their oath of office in the presence of no less than Davao del Norte Provincial Governor Edwin “Kuya Gob” Jubahib last April 20, 2021.

Produkto DavNor is an association of producers whose products are locally-made and certified as genuinely crafted by entrepreneurs who are bona fide constituents of the Province of Davao del Norte. Their products, ranging from fashion accessories, gift items, art works, handicrafts, and a variety of food products, are on display at the Davao del Norte Investment and Promotion Center (DNIPC), which houses the present Pasalubong Center located just across the Provincial Capitol main building.

Originally launched in 2012, the Pasalubong Center serves as a souvenir shop, a facility that provides market exposure to local producers. It gives opportunity for local producers to gain a wider market and expand their product distribution, and which also allows them to increase their volume of production. At any rate, the Pasalubong Center showcases the ingenuity and entrepreneurial skills of the Produkto Davnor producers and the people of Davao del Norte in general.

Starting with only 15 producers, the DavNor Pasalubong Center now boasts of 60 producers coming from the different municipalities and cities of the province. From these producers, Pastor Albert Dillo who makes different kinds of handicraft, was elected as their association President, while Mr. Emmanuel Bayani, who is engaged in making Bagoong or fermented shrimp paste, is the duly-elected Vice-President. Meanwhile, the newly-elected set of officers vowed to perform their duties and responsibilities in the organization with the end in view of developing further the quality of their products, thereby fostering investment and tourism in the province.

With Produkto DavNor now in place and intensified, home-grown products are just within the reach of both domestic and international tourists alike.


Bent on achieving yet another milestone for their respective local government units, participants converge in a 2-day Seminar Write-Shop on the Formulation of the Davao del Norte Provincial Investment Roadmap for CY 2021-2025 at the Davao del Norte Pavilion last April 26-27, 2021.

The activity is aimed at developing a directional plan and agenda that would serve as guideline for the local government units in their efforts to lure more investors through the promotion of trade and investment, leading to increased local revenues. The resulting blueprint is desired to be achieved in a projection of another 5 years.

Facilitating the two-day technical seminar is Ms. Gelyn S. Llana, Senior Trade and Industry Development Specialist from the Department of Trade and Industry XI. A graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Ms. Llana has been instrumental in drafting the Island Garden City of Samal and Panabo City’s Three-Year Investment Priorities Plan, as well as Davao del Norte’s Local Investment and Incentives Code. She is also responsible in realizing the Panabo City and Davao del Norte’s MSME Development Plan.

Meanwhile, Ms. Maria Hazel C. Zafra, EnP, Assistant Provincial Administrator for Operations, representing Davao del Norte Gov. Edwin I. Jubahib, extends the appreciation of the Provincial Governor to all the partner-LGUs who have shared their tireless effort and unwavering support to the activities and programs of the provincial government. She added, the collective efforts of all the local government units comprising Davao del Norte is one main factor in the past and present success of the province in creating a more conducive business climate and a more transparent and efficient delivery of public services.

The province of Davao del Norte has been awarded as Finalist for two (2) consecutive years, 2017 and 2018, as the Most Business-Friendly LGU in the Provincial Level, in the entire Philippines. In 2020, once again, Davao del Norte was included in the Top 10 Most Business-Friendly LGU for 2019. It also grabbed the 1st Place Overall Most Competitive Province in Davao Region for two (2) consecutive years, in 2017 and in 2018, and was given the award for the third time in 2020. The Province of Davao del Norte also garnered the 3rd Place as the Most Competitive Province in the entire country during the 6th Regional Competitiveness Summit awards in Manila in 2018.

Just recently, Davao del Norte ranked 2nd in the 2020 Overall Most Competitive Province in the entire country. The award was based on the 2022 Cities and Municipalities Competitiveness Index (CMCI) conducted by the Department of Trade and Industry, summing all the scores in Economic Dynamism, Government Efficiency, Infrastructure, and Resiliency.

The two-day Seminar Write-Shop, which was attended by Local Economic and Investment Promotion Officers and Planning Officers of the different cities and municipalities, was made possible by PADO-Davao del Norte Investment and Promotion Center, in cooperation with the Provincial Planning and Development Office.


Davao del Norte Provincial Governor “Kuya Gob” Edwin I. Jubahib formally handed over to the Provincial Administrator’s Office-Davao del Norte Investment and Promotion Center (PADO-DNIPC) the new Motoposh Motorcab and two units of Prefabricated Container Van House, today, March 19, 2021.

In a short but solemn occasion, the dynamic Governor spearheaded the formal turning over of the keys of the motor cab and the container van house units to DNIPC Head, Ms. Joevynar M. Miedes, DMO III. The said equipment will be utilized as part of the ongoing implementation of the DavNor Kaagapay (KAwsa sa Agrikultura ug PAnginabuhian sa BarangaY) Project, a food security and sustainability program initiative of the Governor that is designed to combat the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Project Kaagapay has three main components, namely, the agro-forestry, poultry-raising, and vegetable production. Meanwhile, the PADO-DNIPC is in the frontline of its implementation, being in-charge of the marketing of the produce coming from the beneficiaries, along with the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (PENRO), and the Provincial Agriculturist’s Office (PAGRO). Through the motor vehicle, the marketing of the products will be faster and more efficient, while the storage facility will ensure the vegetables nutritional qualities and prevents it from spoilage, as these are perishable goods.

In a short message by the Governor, he emphasized on the project’s impact on the communities of Davao del Norte, and to the families of the beneficiaries who were provided with planting materials of high-value and cash crops, as well as domesticated livestock as a means of their livelihood. The said beneficiaries are constituents of Davao del Norte who are severely affected by the crisis, and who are prioritized by the Provincial Government to be given outright assistance.

The vigorous Governor also shared the recent undertaking of the Provincial Government where he assisted in the turn-over of agricultural equipment, consisting of combine harvester, four-wheel tractors, riding type transplanters, and hand tractors to the 23 farmers associations of the province. The said equipment are funded via the Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund (RCEF), which is created by virtue of Republic Act No. 11203, otherwise known as the Rice Tariffication Law.

Prior to the formal turn-over, a benediction ceremony was conducted over the facility and the motor vehicle thru Fr. Ian Jade I. Balistoy, the officiating priest.

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