Strategic Competency-Based Human Resource Development Plan 2017-2019

 hrdp 2017 2019

Draft HRDP 2017-2019

ANNEX 1 - Core and Leadership Assessment Tool
      Core Assessment Tool:
         Upholding Integrity
         Delivering Excellent Service
         Info Front
         Info Instructions Leader
         Info Instructions
      Leadership Assessment Tool:
         Thinking Strategically
         Directing and Managing Change
         Developing People
         Managing Performance
         Building Collaborative

ANNEX 2 - Technical and Functional Competencies
ANNEX 3 - Core Competencies
ANNEX 4 - Leadership Competencies
ANNEX 5 - Competency Prioritization Matrix with Results
ANNEX 6 - Implementation Matrix
      Business Flow
      Monitoring and Evaluation
      FGD on Reviewing Budget
      Enhancing Records Management and Strategies
      Seminar on Risk Management
      Disaster Relief Operations Management
      Urban Gardening
      Building Collaboration
      Promoting and Marketing Products
      Performance Mentoring and Coaching
      Learning and Development Management
      Cash Management
      Planning and Programming
      Building Capacities for Financial Resources Management
      RSP-PDS Form
      AND 17 MS SQL Database Administration - System Analysis and Design
      Upholding Integrity
      Delivering Excellent Service
      Leadership Development Training
      Capacity Development on Technical Supervision
      Training on Solving Problem
      IEC and Photography
      Enhancement Session on Collecting Managing Resources
      Risk Management - Web Securities and Management

ANNEX 7 - M & E Sample Matrix
ANNEX 9 - Monitoring and Evaluation