The main intention of this concept, School-based Alarm Siren called “Batingaw”, emanates from the mind and desire of Mr. Eric R. Rosillo, Local Disaster Risk Reduction & Management Officer II, a Licensed Professional Teacher and a Master in Crisis and Disaster Risk Management at the premier Philippine Public Safety College. This concept was his Return Entry Action Plan (REAP) while studying in Japan on Disaster Risk Reduction & Management.

As an educator himself with the support from the Provincial Governors Office headed by Governor Edwin I Jubahib, and proper coordination with Madam Glenda O. Deli-Deli-LDRRMO IV/PDRRMO-Division Head, He strengthened the school resiliency and school safety by establishing this “Batingaw” as means of localized Alarm Siren out from the scrap materials of empty oxygen tank from various junk shops in the Davao del Norte and in Davao City. This “Batingaw” has a Steel Plate Signage with instruction on how to use in case of emergency. It was printed in a simple and child-friendly manner. This will serve as their alarm siren for evacuation in times of an earthquake and other related emergencies.

As a recipient of PDRRMC program of resiliency, the Department of Education of Tagum City Division headed by Dr. Josephine L. Fadul, Schools Division Superintendent with Dr. Melanie P. Estacio, Asst. Schools Division Superintendent and the office of the Project Development Officer II/DRRM Focal Marjun T. Dawal encourages the School Disaster Risk Reduction and Management(SDRRM) Focal or Disaster Action Team(DDAT) to utilize and make a habit of using the said Batingaw in support to PDRRM initiatives during NSED, and to any School DRRM activity and inform all school occupants, clients and stakeholders the types of Batingaw hums and warnings for specific hazard and in case of disaster.

-Dr. Vladimir D. Santos






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