Visitors from India arrived yesterday, February 17, 2022, at the Provincial Capitol of Davao del Norte to discuss future collaborations and potential partnerships with the province that would aid in enhancing and intensifying its public health sector, trade and industry, and boosting its economic capacity.

Governor Edwin “Kuya Gov” Jubahib expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Nishikant Singh, India’s First Secretary for Economics and Commerce; Manoj Sihag, the Country Head of Camber; Dileep Tiwari, the Director of Biocare Lifesciences, Inc.; Rohit Dhawan, the CEO of Agri Exim Global Philippines, Inc.; Thumkesh Kera, the Director of Preventia Healthcare, Inc.; and Ravee Diksshit, the Country Head of Nephroplus.

“It is my great honor and privilege to welcome you all in the most competitive province in Davao Region. As you may know…we have a strong alliance and friendship. Today shall be another milestone, especially for our province as we highlight special visit with potential partners to bolster our public health sector, trade and industry. The persisting Covid-19 has been pulling down economies around the world, they were not prepared by the impact of this public health crisis. However, we continue to re-engineer our public health sector and our economy and policies to be more responsive and resilient to the present,” Kuya Gov narrated.

The governor looks forward to a sustainable and lasting friendship with India through this significant milestone.

“We are positive that our future holds brighter prospects only if we can ascertain both our commitment and cooperation in helping provide the needed changes. I could only hope for the better future that this most respectable representation will usher us to the expandable economy, strong health care system, peace and order that will benefit both our people,” the governor concluded.

The visitors from India are also looking forward to offering and sustaining their engagements in Davao del Norte and investing in machines and manpower by bringing in new technologies, making use of more organic products in the province, and providing advanced pharmaceutical products.






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