In the recent years, Davao del Norte, specifically the city of Tagum has been attracting more and more investors because of its strategic location and strong piso power.

Governor Anthony del Rosario sees this investor appeal as an opportunity to strengthen the public and private partnerships and open doors for employment and economic development in the province as part of his development agenda.

Tagum City Chamber of Commerce and Industry President, Virgilio Agunod said that the problems in traffic, unstable and insufficient supply of electricity, and peace and order has a negative effect in the investor appeal.

Agunod said that these problems lessen the investment appeal of the city to investors, further explaining that if these problems were solved the government as well as the people will be able to maximize its economic potential.

“There are still businesses who are being extorted by people who pretends to be a member of guerilla organization asking for revolutionary tax”, said Agunod.

Though it is against the law, business owners are forced to comply with the demands of the extortionists because of the fear for their safety.

“Peace and order is a major player in economic development”, Major General Rafael Valencia of 10th Infantry Division said.

He suggested that if business owners encounter such coercion, they must report it to authorities. Assuring them not to worry because their identities as informant will remain confidential.

He further explained that the best solution to end such insurgent activities is the approval and finalization of the peace talk.

“I am asking the media to use your voice and show your support in the peace process,” Valencia asked the media.

Other than ensuring the security of the province, the military has also immersed their units in programs such as conducting Needs Assessment Survey (NSA) to collect information from Geographically isolated and disadvantaged areas (GIDA) which they handed over to appropriate government agencies for a suitable action. Strengthening the partnership between the Army and the provincial government in taking steps on socio and economic development, Valencia  said during the Tagum Biztalk at Big 8, last January 17, 2017 held at the Big 8 Corporate Hotel.


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