Davao del Norte –Frontlineoffices of the provincial government of Davao del Norte were directed to measure and improve the impact of the programs and projects particularly aimed at improving the lot of the disadvantaged sectors.

Bent on pursuing higher standard of governance this year, Governor Anthony del Rosario asked Capitol departments to make a conscious awareness of the difference that their accomplishments make in the lives of the people.

“We have to make sure that they (projects) truly bring significant, lasting, sustainable changes in the lives of our people,” del Rosario stressed.

The governor asked the offices to carefully observe the links in the results chain of all the development undertakings, which comprise of the inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes and impact.

He criticized the usual accomplishment reports of the departments, which are heavily concerned about giving account of their inputs, activities and outputs in implementing projects.

Del Rosario instructed the provincial executives and staff to give more weight this time on the outcomes and impacts of the services and projects of the province, making sure that they bring long-term, sustainable change to the lives of the people.

He cited as an example the certified seeds and animal dispersal projects of the province. The projects must not only provide food and increased income to the farmer.

As the governor put it, they must enable the farmers to improve the standard of living, provide better education and better health, among all the other essentials for a better quality of life for their household.

“As we are intent on fulfilling our mandate, it is our duty to measure the outcomes and impact of our development interventions,” he added, making sure that they bring about positive change in the lives of our people.

Aside from positive work ethics and attitude, the other golden standards that the local chief executive asked of the Capitol personnel include, their commitment in making a difference at work by being visible to the needy communities; promoting fun in the workplace; going the extra mile by going above and beyond the call of duty; and, finding the right balance between career and family.

Photo by Lord Apique


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