Davao del Norte Governor Anthony del Rosario challenged capitol employees to find balance between building their careers and nurturing their relationship with their family.

During the 1st convocation of the provincial government for 2017, last January 23, 2017 at the Bulwagan ng Lalawigan, the governor explained that building a stronger relationship within the family units will translate into a greater form of governance.

“Family is the foundation of the Filipino society”, the governor said.

The governor even shared some of his personal experiences as a family man, saying that employees should never take their familial responsibilities for granted.

“Dapat mo uli gyud mo ug sayo sa inyong mga balay kung walay overtime, aron dili mo magaway sa inyong asawa o bana” he said.

He added that a balance between career and family is possible but it will take more effort, and employees should be willing to make this effort to further grow in both aspects of their lives.

“You can actually maintain and raise both family and career with a good mixture of dedication, flexibility, time management, humor and fun”, the governor said.

He further explained that finding the right balance between family and career is part of the golden standards that capitol employees should posses. These include Greatness in his or her daily undertakings, one who is oozing with Optimism, has Leadership, has total Devotion to work, duty and family, one who has constant quest for Excellence and has intense Nationalism.


Photo by Lord Apique


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