Provincial Government of Davao del Norte
50th Founding Anniversary

Bb. DavNor 2017


A. Representation

1. Each DavNor City & Municipality must be represented by two (2) candidates;

2. One (1) may be supported by the private sector or may come from the LGU’s active sectoral partners;

3. Both must be endorsed by the LGU.

B. Inherent Attributes

1. A biological Female, at least 18 but not more than 24 years old;

2. At least 5’5” in height (barefoot);

3. A Filipino citizen;

4. A Dabaonon by birth or by blood or a resident not less than six (6) months;

5. She or either of her parents, is a domicile of a city/ municipality she represents;

6. Single, of good moral character and reputation, and has never been a biological mother;

7. At least a Junior High School graduate.

C. Documentary Requirement

1. Duly accomplished official Bb. DavNor application form provided by the committee;

2. Certified true copy of birth certificate from the civil local registrar or NSO (If Dabaonon by birth);

3. Certified true copy of birth certificate of Mother or Father (If Dabaonon by blood);

4. Certification from the Barangay, of which, the candidate or any of her parents is considered a domicile. Certifying further; that the candidate or any of her parents has established a domicile in six (6) months-time upon date of Selection;

5. At least a Junior High School diploma (For educational attainment);

6. Endorsement letter from the office of the city/municipal Mayor;

7. Medical Certification from any of DavNor’s four (4) government hospitals namely: Carmen District Hospital, Kapalong District Hospital, IGACOS District Hospital and Davao Regional Medical Hospital and duly validated by the Medical Committee, that the applicant has reached the minimum height requirement and underwent the following tests;

  • Chest X-Ray
  • Drug Test
  • Urinalysis
  • CBC
  • Pregnancy Test

8. Endorsement from the Validating Committee after a panel interview and validation of papers. 




I. PRELIMINARY ACTIVITIES                                                 

Preliminary Competitions (40%)

1. Playsuit (no make- up)

2. Casual Attire

3. Closed- door Interview (no make -up)

4. Talent

II. CORONATION NIGHT                                                           

Major Competitions (60%)

1. Festivals of DavNor

2. Swim Wear

3. Evening Gown

TOTAL (100%)                                     

III. Top 10 (Back to Zero)

Final Appearance and Interview



I. General Scoring System  

All competitions will be scored with corresponding percentage. Each competition has its specific criteria as basis. The sum total of the ranks for each candidate will be the basis for the summary of results (Ranking System). 

The Preliminary Competitions is 40%, and the Major Competitions is 60% of the competition as elimination for the Top 10. The Top 10 will be scored, back to zero.

II. Specific Criteria

1. Playsuit

Beauty of the face (30%)

Beauty of figure (40%)

Confidence (30%)

2. Casual Attire

Beauty of the face and figure (40%)

Poise and projection (30%)

Confidence (30%)

3. Closed-door interview

Beauty of the face (30%)

Personality (40%)

Intelligence (30%)

4. Talent

Treatment (40%) (quality level, technique, precision, suitability)                        

Showmanship (30%) (appearance, stage presence, consistency, movement)        

Over-all impact (30%)

5. Festivals of DavNor Attire (Self- introduction)

Beauty of the face (50%)

Suitability of the attire and bearing (25%)

Confidence (25%)     

6. Swim Wear

Beauty of the face (25%)                       

Beauty of figure (50%)

Confidence (25%)

7. Gown         

Beauty of the face (25%)

Poise and bearing (50%)

Elegance (25%)

8. Final Appearance and Interview (TOP 10)

Beauty of the face (30%)

Beauty of figure  (30%)

Poise and Personality (20%)

Intelligence (20%)     


1. Playsuit - Notion of DavNor as hosting international and national sports events, Bb. DavNor emphasizes Beach Volley as an emerging strength of the province. This competition will happen in IGACOS.

2. Casual Wear - DavNor recognizes its culture and ethnicity. The fabric to be used and colors of this attire must be Manobo inspired. This competition will happen in Kapalong.

3. Talent Competition - The versatility of our people is our key towards progress. This will happen in Panabo.

4. Closed-door interview - Beauty, intelligence, the panorama of DavNor. This will happen in New Corella.

5. Festivals of DavNor Attire - DavNor as bountiful. Each city and municipality is blessed with products, people and festivity. This competition highlights the grand festival of each locality. The couture is a local festival concept. 

6. Swim Wear - Though DavNor is known as an agricultural area and of the highland, we emphasize that the bounties of DavNor is from islands to highlands.

7. Evening Gown - Since DavNor is celebrating its 50th anniversary, the evening gown of all candidates are color gold as a symbol of progress and the vivacity of our golden age.       




A. Major Awards

Binibining Davao del Norte (Php 200,000.00)

1st Runner-up (Php 150,000.00)

2nd Runner-up (Php 100,000.00)

3rd Runner-up (Php 75,000.00)

4th Runner-up (Php 50,000.00)

B. Minor Awards

Best in Playsuit (Php 10, 000.00)

Best in Casual Wear (Php 10, 000.00)

Best in Talent (Php 10, 000.00)

Best in Festivals of DavNor Attire (Php 10, 000.00)

Best in Swim Wear (Php 10, 000.00)

Best in Gown (Php 10, 000.00)

C. Special Awards

Ms. Friendship (Php 5,000.00)

Ms. Photogenic (Php 5,000.00)

People’s Choice Award (Php 5,000.00)

Texters’ Choice Award (Php 5,000.00)

D. Consolation Prize (Php 15,000.00)



1. Candidates’ Tour DavNor

The candidates will be presented to all Local Government Units as a call for support and/or as venue for competitions. This will also be the avenue for the Preliminary Competitions. The Binibining Davao del Norte Production will create a show for the audience to know the candidates better and to seek for support for the grand coronation night.

2. Pictorials

3. Press Conferences

4. TV and Radio exposures

5. Sponsor’s Night

6. Community Outreach

7.  Personality development workshops

8. Seminars and Trainings

9. Rehearsals




March 27 Deadline for Submission of Documentary Requirements

March 29 Documentary Screening                     

March 31 Screening of Applicants (Physical & Medical; Interview)

April 5 General Orientation of Candidates with their Official Handlers (Assignment of Candidate Nos.)                                                      

April 8&9 Pictorials for Promotional Materials

Teaser (Introduction of Candidates)

April 17-28 Rehearsals and Workshops

May 3-18 Candidates' Tour DavNor and Preliminary Competitions

June 28 Coronation Night



All duly accomplished application forms with complete documentary requirements must be placed inside a long brown envelope with name, address, email and contact number of the applicant at the back of the envelope.

Submit to the Provincial Information Office, Government Center, Mankilam, Tagum City, Davao del Norte on March 27, 2017; not later than 5PM.

Contact details: telefax (084) 216-6890; email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.); mobile (09209745784) and facebook page (@davnorkaronofficial).




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