DavNor mulls to host National Dog Agility Show 2018

Not just a spectacular show in the course of the 50th anniversary celebration of the province but will serve as barometer if Davao del Norte is ready to host the National Dog Agility competition next year.  

Provincial Veterinary Officer Dr. Renato Embate disclosed the plan of Dog Associations of Tagum (DOTA) and Dog Owners Group of Tagum (DOG TAG) before Governor Anthony del Rosario who really enjoy watching the DavNor Dog Show along with his family on Tuesday, June 27, 2017 inside the capitol grounds.  

“Nag-propose sila nga kung maayo ang result ani base sa imong evaluation, we will be staging the national dog agility show next year,” said Dr Embate.

According to the DavNor veterinarian the whole day event involving “man’s best friend” is not just a competition or just to win but to promote awareness and advocacy of being responsible dog owners.

“This is not just a competition, not just to win but the dog’s show longed to promote important things that dog owners should remember. First is, a dog owner should have that value of being a responsible person. Next, not just for our own province but hopefully for the whole country as rabies-free in the year 2020. And, we have to show respect dili lang kadtong pure breed kundili hasta pod kadtong mga “aspin” atong respetohan,” Dr. Embate elaborating the name calling of “askal” (astray dog) to “aspin” or Asong Pinoy (Philippine dog).

Governor Anthony del Rosario which also a dog-owner rally to all canine pet-keepers to be always responsible to the animals.

“I used to be a dog owner when I was living in the States. I had two dogs actually a Boxer and an English bulldog. And I always tell my son who is four years old that maybe now is not the right time for you to own a dog because you need to first learn the responsibility of owning a dog,” said governor del Rosario referring to his 4-year old son excitedly watching the dog show.

“It’s very interesting to watch. So if that is something that we need to do in order to get the message across which is responsibility as far as dog ownership is concerned, then by all means we should do that. Tuloy natin yun. Istoryahon namo na ni Doc Embate. .  . but in any case being a former dog owner . .  definitely basta iro, suportado gyod nato ang mga programa,” the governor assured dog owners and spectators.

On Tuesday’s DavNor Dog Show, different games and categories were competed by different breeds of canine including dog dash, team relay, dog food eating, fashion show, best groom, agility show and standard agility open.

Aside from the dog tricks and antics, the Provincial Veterinary Office dole out packs of dog food to each pooch owners present during the show on Tuesday, June 27 at the capitol grounds besides BIR office.


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