DAVNOR EMPLEYADO GIPAHINUMDOMAN: Kinamaayohang serbisyo himoon

UNANG Convocation program, unang higayon sa tuig 2018 sa pagpahinumdum sa mga empleyado sa DavNor Kapitolyo nga himoon ang kinamaayohang serbisyo nga ihatod ngadto sa mga Dabaonon.

Kini ang mensahe ni Provincial Administrator Samson J. Sanchez atol sa pinakaunang convocation program nga nagdala sa tema “Refueling the HEART of Servants Leaders” nga gipasiugdahan sa mga opisina sa Provincial Governor’s Office, Provincial Administrator’s Office ug Provincial Information Communication & Knowledge Management Office.   

“Year 2017 was a great year, a golden year for our province. . With our resolve to move on and push harder to achieve our personal and organizational goals. This is now a very dynamic time for us to do and adjustments that were needed to really hit our target this year. .We charged if you must, fasten your seatbelts if you want, use your umbrellas rain or shine kung maabtan ka ug ulan ug init, but we must not resigned of our aim to achieve and even higher the bar of excellence,” matod ni PA Sanchez atubangan sa mga kaubang department heads ug halos usa ka libo nga mga trabahante.

Dugang gipahinumdum sa probinsyal administrador nga ang pagkahimong trabahante sa gobyerno dili katungod kundili usa lamang ka pribilehiyo nga angay’ng ampingan.

“When the day of reckoning comes, let it not be said that we have failed of our mission. . . We owe our salary to the people and we are accountable for what we make of our jobs. .As public servants, we find joy, fulfilment and success through serving others. We have to pursue the qualities of a good servant leader who is focused on attending the needs of others first before self. . It is not our right and nobody can say this our right to be in the provincial government of Davao del Norte. But it is just a privilege as such we have to take care of that privilege,” dugang pahinumdum sa probinsyal administrador.

Ang pahinumdum nag-awhag nga dili kay basta serbisyo lang kundili ang pinakamaayong serbisyo ang angay’ng ihatod ngadto sa mga hingtungdan.

“It is our constant quest to provide excellent services by doing ordinary things extra-ordinarily, wearing at all times to enrich the lives of all Dabaonons, our constituents, to give better a resilient community and ultimately create a more just, caring society. .Year 2018 is the year to be the best of what we can ever be. . We have the hands to work and compliment with each other. We have our feet to walk together and we must have the heart of a public servant to inspire and aspire to be the best of what we can ever be and take part of giving life to our performance branding, performance slogan “Basta DavNor The Best,” paniklop nga mensahe ni PA Samson Sanchez.

Atol sa maong convocation gihimo sab ang mass oath-taking sa tanang naplastar nga mga regular employees sa re-or ug mga casuals nga na-renew.


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