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GAWAS sa hustong tinamdan ug panggawi sa panarbaho, gidasig sa probinsyal nga panggamhanan sa Davao del Norte nga magbaton ug himsog nga panglawas ang tanang empleyado aron mahatod ang “integrity, competence and commitment” nga serbisyo publiko.

Gihatod ni Probinsyal Administrador Samson Sanchez ang mensahe ni Gobernador Anthony del Rosario atol sa pagbukas sa ika-118 nga anibersaryo sa Civil Service Commission (CSC) Lunes, Septyembre 3 pinaagi sa DavNor “Capitolympics.”

“Our employees mean the world to the Provincial Government. That is why, aside from providing the necessary incentives, rewards and recognitions, we have since devoted four months for physical fitness and sports development for our hardworking Capitol employees dubbed as Capitolympics. Actually, dapat di lang ni four months. Because our sports complex is not just for four months. The facilities and condition of our sports complex is not just for four months. Dapat kanato ang physical exercise is year-round. This is part of our human resource initiatives that are designed to respond to the ever-changing demands of public service. When you harmonize the interplay of work and physical exercise, there is no stress at all. Kay ang imong stress imo mang ipagawas sa pag-exercise sa imong lawas,” matod ni PA Sanchez.

Ang mensahe dugang naghisgot nga mahimong walay pulos ang maayong pangutok ug katakos kung luya ang lawas.

“The entwined heart and mind is not only the foundation of good governance. Unsaon pagka bright nimo, unsaon pagka maayo ang imong pagbati sa panerbisyo kung nagtaas na ang imong uric acid, nagtaas na imohang sugar, nagtaas na imong cholesterol? Kaya physical well-being is also important for us to have a good disposition of our heart and positive thinking to of our minds towards public service. Dili na dapat mawala. It drives our passion to serve our constituents, particularly the last, the least and the lost,” padayong pagdasig sa DavNor administrador.

Tungod sa pagbaton ug world-class nga sports complex, ang mensahe dugang nagdasig ug “naghagit” sa matag empleyado nga himoong ka-kompetensya ang kaugalingon mismo. 

“But the greatest challenge natong tanan apil nako, is not just to compete against each other thru sports or kaning Capitolympics, but to compete against ourselves especially in how we improve on our physical well-being. Challenge yourselves and be disciplined enough to welcome in the morning the oval of sports complex. It is free for you to run as long as you pay P15.00. That is the big challenge to each and everyone. We have to ensure that the employees will enjoy and maximize the facilities of Davao del Norte sports and tourism complex,” dugang sa mensahe sa gobernador pinaagi ni PA Sanchez nga nagpahibalo nga maghimo ug pagmonitor ang Kapitolyo kinsa sa mga empleyado ang naggamit sa sports complex.

Ang Capitolympics maglungtad hangtod sa bulan sa Disyembre niining tuiga.


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